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Keep Your Yard Healthy: Trusted Lawn Maintenance Services in Winnipeg

Leducs Snow Removal & Landscaping offers complete lawn maintenance services to commercial and municipal clients in Winnipeg and surrounding areas. Our goal is to restore and maintain the vibrance of your yard space, making it an attractive asset of your commercial space. Your lawn is the foundation of your overall landscape and needs to be treated with utmost care and importance, which is why we offer custom solutions depending on the type of space we have to work with. 

Poor maintenance can cause brown spots to form on your turf. Brown patch disease can occur during the fall season if conditions are humid. You can tell if your lawn has brown patch disease when there are patches formed that are up to several feet wide and are shaped like circles with a small green patch in the middle. Make sure you reach out to us in case you notice any issues with your yard space that need to be addressed. We can take care of lawn care and other problems before they develop further!

A well-maintained backyard surrounded by fencing

Maintain a Healthy Lawn

We follow certain practices to ensure your lawn remains healthy through season changes. One of the overlooked factors is mowing your grass at the ideal height. Depending on the type of grass and season, we recommend the following:

Spring: mow cool-season grass to 3 + inches and mow warm-season grass up to 1 or 1.5 inches.

Summer: mow cool-season grass to 3 - 4 inches depending on the type of grass and up to 2-2.5 inches for warm-season grass.

Fall: cool-season grass can be shortened to 2.5 inches while warm-season grass can be mowed to 1.5 to 2 inches.

Crabgrass is a type of weed that is most commonly found in lawns and if left unchecked can become a concern. Through proper mowing, fertilization and adequate hydration you can avoid this type of weed from becoming a nuisance. Apart from crabgrass, other types of weed can also take over your yard space. Low-mowed grass, compacted soil and inadequate water can all contribute to the growth of weeds. With the help of regular lawn maintenance, weed treatment products and regular inspection, you can prevent the growth of several types of weeds and keep your lawn looking healthy. The professional landscapers at Leducs Snow Removal & Landscaping can advise you on viable ways to avoid damage to your lawn space. Give us a call for any suggestion you may require or if you would like us to address any lawn damage on your property.

Our Lawn Care Services

Leducs Snow Removal & Landscaping provides solutions to maintain and enhance your yard space. Your lawn is an integral and inviting aspect of your commercial property and must be cared for in the proper way. With our services and efforts, we can help make a lasting, positive impression on your patrons that will make them want to spend more time in the beautiful ambience of your outdoor space. Our lawn care services include:


Garden Services

From trimming hedges to getting rid of unwanted weeds, our garden services are thorough, designed to bring the best out of your plant fixtures and turf. Our garden services include:

Garden cleanup

Garden maintenance




Lawn Installation and Lawn Care Services

From making sure your turf and planters are well maintained to adding impressive installations, our lawn installation services cover:

Lawn installation

Lighting installation

Paver installation

Irrigation installation

Soil installation

Cutting/mowing and edging

Core aeration


Weed/moss control

Power raking



Landscape design

Fence installation

Retaining wall installation

Power washing

Tree and Hedge Services

We keep your trees and hedges healthy. Our tree services include:




Plant health evaluation


Service Type

Our lawn care services primarily cater to the following clients:



Property Types That We Service

We offer lawn care services to the following property types:

Government icon


Hospitality icon


Class A icon

Class A

Apartment icon


Retail icon


Medical icon


Industrial icon


Cemetery icon


Efficient Lawn Care Services

Want your lawn looking fresh, vibrant and clean, elevating the ambience of your commercial property all year round?

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