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Top-quality Landscaping Equipment Rental Available in Winnipeg

If you need to rent top-quality landscaping equipment rental in Winnipeg and surrounding areas, turn to Leducs Snow Removal & Landscaping. We have an inventory of industry-standard equipment that can help you achieve the goals of your landscaping project. We offer various types of equipment such as skid loaders, sod cutters, snow blowers and transportation trucks. Our team also provides heavy equipment for landscaping, lawn care, aggregate transportation, snow plowing and more. Our specialized equipment can be used to execute intricate landscape designs, general lawn maintenance and can handle an entire landscaping contract - from site preparation to finishing touches!

Equipment Rental Services

Some of the key points to note when renting out our equipment for a project are as follows:

Top view of a lawnmower



Since rentals are constant, we cannot guarantee availability on our inventory. We advise our clients to make prior bookings on the equipment they need. Reservations require advance payment. Please note that sometimes, we have to wait for the previous clients to return the equipment they rented from us and there is no assurance that the equipment will be in proper working order when returned. We advise you to remain in contact with our team to be regularly updated about any changes in schedule.

Delivery and pick-up


We offer delivery and pick-up services for most of our equipment at an additional charge. However, delivery charges do not include the setting up or taking down of any equipment on-site. If you require us to help with pack-up or setup, additional charges may apply. If the equipment is not ready for pick-up when the driver arrives, there may be additional charges applied.

Cleaning charges


We expect that our equipment will be returned clean and in good working order. In case the equipment is soiled, additional cleaning charges may apply based on current labour rates.

Rental period


We follow a rental period of a 24-hour day from the time the equipment is picked up. Our weekly rate is based on 7 full days and a 4-week period is based on 28 continuous calendar days.

Our equipment is available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You can get in touch with us to learn about our pricing options and equipment availability.

Our Equipment Inventory

We have various types of equipment offered on rent. Some of them are specialized pieces to be used for specific tasks while the others are essential for hauling, transportation and other utilities. Our equipment can be categorized as follows:

Home & Garden

Our home and lawn care equipment can keep your space looking vibrant and clean. Our inventory includes:


Power rake


Slit seeder

Plate compactor/packer


Lawn roller

Hedge trimmer

Grass trimmer

Lawn vacuum

Chain saw

Motorized top dresser

Stump grinder

Sod cutter

2000 PSI portable pressure washer

4000 PSI 350,000 BTU pressure washer

9200 Watt gas generator

Ozone air purifier


Our loaders can help you efficiently execute your landscaping projects. We offer the following loaders:

Dingo TX 1000 ride on mini-loader

Skid steer


Scissor Lifts

There are certain pieces of equipment that are needed on site for all types of landscaping projects. We have a selection of scissor lifts which includes:




26' 4 x 4 with outriggers


Our Rental Pricing

Our pricing is determined based on your specific requirements and the duration for which you need to rent our equipment.

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